Contact Info: How to contact Mojang

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  • Notch –
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  • And so on!

34 responses to “Contact Info: How to contact Mojang

    • Unfortunately, I can’t contact Mojang myself, but you can try shooting Mojang an email about that. You could also post that as a suggestion on the Minecraft Forums. Not a bad idea!

  1. Hi notch my minecraft is not working as in it won’t let me look up down and side to side and a random chest appeared on one of my buildings so I think herobrin is in my all my wolds so I tested to see if they were normal but same thing happens so I deleted all my worlds and if I make anther world it MIT happen so what do I do?

    • Maybe it is a glitch of some sort. Mojang themselves confirmed that Herobrine does not exist. Maybe you post your situation on the Minecraft Forums or send an email to Mojang explaining it. Glad to help!

  2. Hello i was wondering if i could give some idea’s for what you guys could add in the next biggest updates on minecraft pc and minecraft xbox 360 editon?

  3. Every thing i build it disappears i built a hole mansion and a pool and it had rooms with beds and a chandaler and a kitchen and a living room what do i do

  4. Please help. My acoount is mucked up. I know my username but my password is not working! I do not know the email i used!! Please help!

  5. Hey Guys just have a few questions a bout update 26/27 for Xbox 360 just a few comments to add to that update
    Mo’re blocks for custom superflat like cake and Redstone blocks
    a new thing I thought of is a recipe book in the help section for classic crafting
    slime blocks
    command blocks
    Mob spawners like in a dungeon
    thanks for letting me contact you
    if you do add any of this please contact me

  6. Hi! Are the servers for the new update (0.12.1) of “Minecraft Pocket Edition” bugged or something? Or do the owners of the servers have to make a new server do to the new update? Please let me know. 🙂

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